THE LAWMEN INTERNATIONAL has developed a boutique practice focused almost exclusively in civil law, criminal law, company law, intellectual property law, land law, land acquisition law, business dispute law specifically in the area of contracts, business organizations, entertainment, sports & leisure law, and legal malpractice, etc., for clients across India and abroad.

In the current highly competitive commercial environment, it is critical that a law firm with this focus be forward leaning. Technology and the Internet have changed everything, legal practice included. Simply put, law firms must keep pace with their business clients.

Born on 23rd May, 1980 in a family of highly intellectuals viz. Dr. Yenagi Balappa, an Agrarian and an exponent in Theatre and Arts, Mr. Sanket earned his degree in B.A.(Criminology & Forensic Science) at Karnataka Arts College, and, subsequently, acquired LL.B. Degree from Karnataka University, Dharawad in 2004.

He has been guided and supervised by his father Mr. Mohan Yenagi, a leading Socialist Lawyer, Mr. Sanket has initiated his law-practice in the year 2004 in the Chambers of Mr. S. Vijay Shankar, Senior Advocate and Ex.Advocate General, Government of Karnataka and went on to build an impressive record as a trial lawyer. He soon crossed the threshold of conventional practicing law and started thinking in broader terms of maintaining and enhancing his professional skills, and the quality of his service to the public, by significant voluntary participation in legal education. That means he goes above-and-beyond the minimum attorney education requirements – always striving to improve and to better assist his clients. It’s often said that getting lawyers to change is like a futile attempt to control the uncontrollable, but he rejected that tradition, embraced the technology as a tool to help serving his clients more efficiently.

In his years of practice, he identified many outdated methods in the practice of law. In fact, Mr. Sanket is the first Attorney in the Country to implement Artificial Intelligence in the legal services, for systematic and effective rendering of legal services keeping convenience of both clients and lawyers as the highest priority. By paying attention to what’s important, providing practical advice and preparing an intimidating case, he has forged long-term relationships along with his clients through his consistency in delivering results.

Membership Portfolio:

Mr.Sanket Yenagi is also an honorable Member of these following Groups and organizations. His reputation and integrity reflects his experience of working in thorough responsibility, in the Bar/ profession as follows:

  • The People’s Union for Civil Rights, India Chapter
  • Member, Supreme Court Bar Association, New Delhi
  • Guest Faculty Member, K.L.E. Law College, Bangalore.
  • Life Member, High Court Bar Association.
  • Member, National Panel of Mooters.
  • Life Member, The Law Foundation of Silicon Valley, U.S.
  • Co-Counsel for Nissenbaum & Associates, New Jersey, U.S.
  • A Founder of Forum for Accountability of the People’s Representatives
  • Renowned Counselor
  • An Arbitrator
  • A Civil Rights Activist
  • Founder of ‘Power of Youth’ - An organization, to inspire and motivate the youth of the country.
  • Founder of ‘SMYLE’ - An organization to motivate and support the needy, poor underprivileged for social health, education and self-employment.

He has been actively associated with several Non-Governmental Organizations, Charitable Institutions and Trusts involved in the social welfare and upliftment of the downtrodden classes of the society.

  • Our law practice provides unsurpassed and responsive legal services to our clients. We learn the needs, goals and problems of our clients and then establish an appropriate course of action to achieve their objectives.
  • We listen attentively to the client's legal problem with respect, interest and concern.We explain all the steps of a legal matter to the client in understandable language.
  • We keep the client informed of the status of their matter throughout the process.We set reasonable fees upfront before being retained by a client. We provide honest and detailed billing statements in billable matters.We complete the client's matter with promptness and professionalism.
  • THE LAWMEN INTERNATIONAL is dedicated to providing the highest quality legal services available. We treat every client's problem as if it were our own, and focus on achieving the best results possible. It is our goal that all of our clients will give us their highest personal recommendation.